Simonato: the ideal potted bio sage provider

Simonato company deals with bio sage production and provides several large-scale retail big players with various types of bio aromatic plants. 
The Global G.A.P. certification guarantees a high quality level for all Simonato products: the bio sage, the mint, the thyme and the marjoram, all organic.
Simonato offers a wide range of bio aromatic plants, guaranteeing quality and excellence. Simonato boasts many certifications guaranteeing that they don’t use insecticides, antiparasitic, nor any other chemical products to cultivate, in order to protect the environment as well as people’s and animal’s health.
Aromatic plants are part of the Italian (and not only) culinary tradition. They are good for health because of their richness in vitamins and mineral salts, adding taste and nutrients to every dish and supporting a healthier lifestyle.

Potted bio sage provider

It was an obvious choice to include bio sage in the production: it is a relevant plant both historically, the Arabs considered sage the immortality plant and Romans considered it sacred, and in the italian culinary tradition. Sage is used for roasted or spit-roasted meat, for the dough stuffing and for the classic butter and sage pasta; enhances and intensifies food flavours.
Simonato company, in order to provide potted bio sage, uses two cultivation techniques:
  • Seeding method: the pots are filled with bio topsoil and then 40/50 sage seeds are added.
  • Cuttings method: from the mother sage plants are taken several cuttings, put in small topsoil cylinders: once they put down roots, they are replanted in the pots.
Simonato farm manages the orders with flexibility and efficiency, guaranteeing on-time shipping and maximum freshness and quality standards, essential features for every potted bio sage provider


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