Bio aromatic plants; potted bio mint

Aromatic herbs have always been part of our culinary tradition, since they enrich foods with aromas and intensify food flavours, thus reducing the use of condiments.
Mint is an aromatic plant that is suitable for different usages, both in gastronomy and in cosmetics. In kitchen, it is excellent in order to season meat, fish and vegetables or to make refreshing drinks.

Simonato: a company that by intentional choice grows potted bio mint

Bio aromatic plants sale addresses the large-scale retail. The potted bio mint plants are provided with a customised packaging in a bag and with branded cardboard. Moreover, Simonato can fulfill an order in a short time from the moment the order is received thanks to their efficient and punctual logistics organisation. Simonato bio mint plants display their batch number on the  packaging and are shipped with their own sales documents.
As for the methods, Simonato makes use of innovative and cutting edge facilities.
The farming takes place in covered greenhouses provided with automated production systems and managed through centralized digital systems. They use seeding method and cuttings method. As for the first method the pot is filled with bio topsoil in which are planted about 40 or 50 mint seeds. They germinate in illuminated greenhouses at high temperature and humidity. As for the second method, the mother plants are cut and the cuttings are put in cylinders. Once the cuttings put down roots, they are replanted in pots.
All Simonato bio mint in small pot are compliant with the most important European certifications:
  • Icea
  • Global GAP and GRASP
  • European
Organic farming means to value biodiversity, avoiding GMOs usage in order to support the ecosystem and protect the environment and people’s well-being. All the potted bio mint plants have certifications testifying the absence of pesticides, plant protection products and chemical fertilisers.

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