Bio aromatic plants production and wholesale

Since 20 years Simonato company deals with bio aromatic plants production and wholesale. By respecting natural processes and practicing environment-friendly farming, the company commits to producing bio aromatic plants to satisfy the customers’ needs and to provide a healthy and natural product.
For the bio aromatic plants production the company has 40000 square meters of greenhouses, equipped with an under-floor and air heating system and an ebb and flow watering system to avoid waste of water and optimise its use.
Thanks to the twenty years of experience in wholesale bio aromatic plants’ production, Simonato guarantees efficiency and punctuality in satisfying their customers’ needs:
  • Provides a customised product, including the packaging.
  • Fulfills an order within an hour from the moment the order is received until the moment the delivery is ready for the shipping.
  • Guarantees maximum freshness and quality even after the shipping.
  • Each wholesale bio aromatic plant is completely traceable.
Simonato company firmly believes in the quality of their bio aromatic plants’ production and is committed to guarantee the best.
Simonato has received many certifications testifying the ethics and the commitment of this big firm in guaranteeing the quality, the eco-sustainability and the safety of the environment and of the employees.

The certifications

In every phase of the cultivation, neither antiparasitic, nor insecticides nor any other chemical products are used, as guaranteed by ICEA certification, that imposes the use of products that stimulate the plants’ self-defence and of natural healing methods.
Simonato values biodiversity, does not use GMOs and prides itself on a farming method that protects the environment as well as animals’ health and also the employees’ health, as testified by the Global G.A.P. Grasp Certification and the Organic certification.
The Global Gap certification guarantees a great quality level of the global large retail products, in this case of the wholesale aromatic bio plants.

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