Simonato: potted bio basil plants provider

The Ocimum Basilicum and the Ocimum Basilicum Minumum are two variants of potted bio basil grown by Simonato for its customers. They are classic bio basil in small pot and potted bio red basil, respectively.
In the olden days the basil was given the name of “royal herb”, literally royal and scented, since it is said it was found near the Holy Sepulcher the day of the Resurrection.
With due regard to its regality, Simonato lovingly produces and grows potted bio basil, using two techniques: seeding and cuttings. While the plants grow, the pots are increasingly spaced out for the plants to have all the space they need.

Potted bio basil 

Simonato prides itself on various certifications that formalise the quality and the professionalism the company lies on in producing potted bio basil and all the other aromatic plants.
The Icea certification, the BIO certification and the European certification guarantee that neither antiparasitic, nor insecticides nor any other chemical products are used in the production processes of the potted bio basil plants, also avoiding using GMOs.
Furthermore, the company possesses Global G.A.P. and Global G.A.P. Grasp certification, only released to deserving producers and suppliers, formalising the quality of the products for the large-scale retail, the compliance with safety regulations, the environmental protection, and guaranteeing the whole staff’s health and welfare.
Simonato company consciously chose organic farming because they support an  eco-friendly production in order to protect the environment. The company is dedicated to protecting and defending  biodiversity with an environment-friendly method to produce potted aromatic bio plants like its beloved basil.