Simonato: company specialised in bio aromatic plants production

Simonato Brothers's farm is specialised in bio aromatic plants production, the company's headquarters are in Due Carrare, just outside the city of Padua. The aromatic plants are grown in this beautiful land, from seed or from cutting. Greenhouses are monitored environments in which the sprouts are pampered by natural sunlight, in addition, the ebb and flow watering system allows a more responsible use of this precious resource and the greenhouses are heated up with biomass energy.
Simonato brothers farm grows: dill, basil, red basil, camomile, chervil, coriander, watercress, tarragon, chives, lavender, licorice, marjoram, lemon balm, mint, oregano, chili pepper, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme. These seasonings are biological and certified, each plant packaging displays the batch number that allows to track its origin.

History and certifications

Simonato brothers bio aromatic plants farm has a long history, three generations followed one another cultivating plants in the horticultural industry with love and passion, in 1997 the company chose to convert to organic farming.
Over the years, Simonato brothers company obtained the following certifications:
  • ICEA certification
  • Global GAP GRAS 
  • and Global Gap
  • Organic certification
  • European certification
Simonato provides the large-scale retail trade with bio aromatic plants, the company ensures the order fulfillment within an hour. The logistics is carefully planned in order to guarantee the plants' shipping in a timely manner without compromising the product's quality and freshness.