Wholesale bio rosemary: available with customisable packaging

Since 20 years Simonato company deals with bio rosemary for wholesale, and since 2000 grows twenty types of completely organic aromatic plants.
For Simonato, 2000 is a turning point: they in fact, obtained the first bio certification ICEA. This prestigious certificate testifies that in each production step neither insecticides nor antiparasitic, nor any other chemical products are used.
The production of bio rosemary for wholesale is a choice dictated by its usage in the Italian kitchen: it has a strong flavour and gives every dish an intense and characteristic aroma.
Mediterranean people already knew this scented plant: the Romans used to call it rosmarinus, that is to say “sea dew”, they named it so from rosemary flowers. The Greeks, instead, called it ropsmyrinòs,  that is to say scented shrub.
Given its history, it was impossible not to include wholesale bio rosemary in Simonato’s production: this is a choice dictated not only by this plant’s antiquity but also by its usage in the Italian kitchen; with its strong taste gives the dishes a strong and irresistible aroma.
Simonato’s quality is proven by the organic certifications that guarantee a farming method without chemicals that may alter the environment, and also by the certifications Global GAP and Global GAP Grasp. These two certifications guarantee the compliance with safety regulations in every phase of the cultivation, and the safety of the environment and of the employees.

Packaging for wholesale bio rosemary

All the customers that want to purchase wholesale bio rosemary plants can enjoy a completely customisable packaging:
  • Pots: in recyclable plastic, 10 cm in size, with drainage holes, available in all colours.
  • 6 or 12 bio plants cardboard boxes. Made of recyclable cardboard, they can be opened ripping the dotted line to obtain display cardboards.
  • 6 or 12 cells seeding starter: in lightweight and non-toxic plastic, is made to put the plants on display in the point of sale.
  • Bio Kepos 3: line of packaging for individual plants with biodegradable pot, compostable packaging and recyclable paper sheet.
  • Display cardboard perfect for display purposes in large-scale retail areas with room for 4 plants
  • Cardboard floor-standing totem: made in resistant cardboard, it is ideal to put the plants on display in the large-scale retail points of sale.