Simonato: bio chili pepper production since 2000

Since 2000 Simonato is devoted to producing wholesale bio chili pepper, providing the large-scale retail with their plants.
Chili pepper was imported from South America in Europe by the Spanish; as for the climate, the chili pepper plant adapted perfectly to it, and was gradually introduced in the european cuisine, until it became part of the culinary tradition.
It is possible to find different varieties of chili pepper: the yellow one, the intense red one, the bright green one, all different with respect to spiciness and taste.

Wholesale bio chili pepper plants are grown in two different ways:

  • Seeding method: each pot is filled with bio topsoil and 40/50 bio chili pepper seeds. Growing, the plants come through every production step until they are ready for wholesale. 
  • Cuttings method: from the bio chili pepper plants are taken several cuttings and put in topsoil cylinders. Once the cuttings put down roots, they are replanted in the pots.

In order to guarantee the quality of the bio chili pepper production, the pots are increasingly spaced out for the plants to have all the space they need to grow.
Simonato company since 2000 is devoted to producing bio chili pepper in a 40000 square meters equipped greenhouse, using an under-floor and air heating system and an ebb and flow watering system reduce water waste.
The large-scale retail is the main customer  Simonato addresses to sell bio chili pepper plants, offering flexibility, efficiency and precision in orders management, the possibility to customise the plants’ packaging and the plants’ traceability through their batch number.

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