Bio coriander production and wholesale

Coriander is an aromatic plant and a medicinal herb, it is used in kitchen to season meat, fish, vegetables and processed meats, the light lemon aroma guarantees that every meat dish and every grilled or steamed vegetables dish turns out to be a success. Coriander is an aromatic plant used in the oriental, south American and mediterranean kitchen.

Simonato brothers farm is specialised in bio coriander production, the large-scale retail buyers can purchase the wholesale bio coriander in customised packagings (pots, cardboard boxes, seeding starters, compostable packagings like Bio Kepos 3). To meet supermarkets and shops demands, Simonato company provides bio coriander plants in display cardboards and in cardboard floor-standing totems to put the plants on display.

Wholesale bio coriander farming

Coriander is an annual herbaceous plant, characterised by a thin stem, between 30 and 50 cm in size, a few branches with bright green leaves and umbellate inflorescences. It produces yellow fruits containing the plant’s seeds. The dried seeds are used in kitchen and are appreciated for their delicate citrus aroma.
Coriander plants are grown in Simonato brothers farm’s greenhouses, in well drained bio topsoil and in a well sunlit position. The growth cycle lasts four months.

Sowing takes place between march and april, germination is rather rapid, in the farm’s greenhouses, at a temperature between 12° and 15° C. The umbels must be harvested in July/August, when the plant is completely dried and brown.
The wholesale bio coriander production takes place in Simonato farm’s greenhouses in Due Carrare, in the province of Padua.