01 November 2018

The company Simonato from Due Carrare, specialising in the cultivation of certified organic aromatic plants, has, for the second year running, taken up the cause to raise awareness among its customers and to raise funds for the non-profit association Team for Children run by Chiara Girello Azzena. The association has been collaborating with Padua's Pediatric Hematology and Oncology clinic for more than ten years to support child cancer sufferers and their families.
One of its main focuses has been the creation of a Teen Zone for adolescent cancer patients with the construction of a new pavilion. The site will be dedicated to young people for them to get together and benefit from shared leisure activities and create new friendships, while also offering the possibility of learning new techniques and topics for an exploration into the future world of work.
Simonato is throwing the full weight of its support behind this project but is relying on each and every one of you, as it is only through your contributions that great projects such as this can come to fruition. Team for Children and Simonato - together for a smile, with a “5x1000 contribution” (Italian gift aid scheme) you can rediscover life for a sick child.