04 November 2019

The company Simonato from Due Carrare, specialising in the horticulture, floriculture and nursery sector for three generations, has introduced a wonderful novelty this year: certified organic Christmas Stars. The Christmas Star (or Poinsettia) begins to take its place in the spaces set aside for the cultivation of aromatic plants from mid-August and continues to grow at a slow pace. It is only with the shortened days during the autumn period, in fact, that we begin to see the typical red colouration of the leaves around the yellow flower.
"We have cultivated the Christmas Stars with great care," says Carlo Simonato, owner of the company, and this year, thanks to our greenhouses and favourable climatic conditions, the 2018 crop is extraordinarily beautiful.

The most important thing and the one which Carlo Simonato is most proud of, is that they are grown using organic methods and also in full respect of the organic protocol. Our Christmas Stars will be the symbol of our first organic Christmas. We are very happy that there will finally be a plant cultivated with great love and attention and without the use of any chemicals or pesticides on your Christmas-decorated tables at home.

Distinguishing the organic Poinsettias is made easy by the fact that they are packaged with a label bearing the name of the ICEA certification authority and the European organic flag.
A Merry Organic-Christmas to One and All!