Simonato recognised as an example of Italian Excellence

11 January 2018

The Simonato Company Simonato has many years' experience in the horticulture, floriculture and nursery sector. The company has been working passionately for three generations growing aromatic plants, and decided in 1997 to make its entire operation organic, with a view to fully implementing eco-compatible farming methods that respect natural processes. 

Proving its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Simonato was this year awarded the prestigious Eccellenze Italiane certified company seal. This initiative is part of an international network, and serves as a point of reference for the market and business operators, aimed at recognising and protecting the best examples of Made in Italy.

Simonato chooses to grow organic aromatic plants because they are entirely in keeping with the Italian cooking tradition, which uses herbs to enhance the flavour of the nation's best recipes.  Some of the dishes that have made Italy famous include spaghetti with tomato and basil, beef fillet with rosemary, gnocchi with butter and sage, pizza with tomato, mozzarella and oregano, extra virgin olive oil infused with rosemary, and many thirst-quenching drinks, such as the alcohol-free water and mint.

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