03 December 2018

This historic company from Due Carrare specialises in the production of organic aromatic plants.

This year, the company has grown approximately 80,000 Christmas Stars for its domestic and European markets. With one unique selling point however: all the plants are certified organic for a sustainable and environmentally responsible Christmas.

The shift from conventional production to certified organic was a courageous step for the company now in its third generation of operations in the floriculture and nursery sector.

"We have cultivated the Christmas Stars with great care and in full respect of organic protocols - says Carlo Simonato, owner of the company - and this year, thanks to our greenhouses and favourable climatic conditions, the crop is extraordinarily beautiful".

"Our Christmas Stars will be the symbol of our first Organic Christmas, - continues Rosanna Bertoldin, marketing manager of the company - and we are delighted that there will finally be a plant cultivated with great love and attention and completely chemical-free on our tables this Christmas. Recognising the organic Christmas Stars couldn't be easier, the labels will be marked with the European certified organic flag and the name of the certification agency, ICEA".

The company, which was started by the grandparents, handed down to the parents Luciana Fincato and Umberto Simonato and is today lead by the sons Carlo, Gianni and Paolo and brother-in-law Valandro Luciano, will soon be celebrating 20 years of organic production. It cultivates a wide variety of aromatic herbs such as sage, rosemary, basil, coriander, watercress and chili peppers - auspicious for the new year. The aromatics are then sold not only in Italy, but also in a number of European countries such as Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Croatia, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, where there is a growing demand for organic products.

Simonato is a completely organic company. The crops adhere to all the criteria laid down for organic production, centring on the interplay between best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity and preservation of natural resources.

The 40,000 square metres of greenhouses are equipped with an underfloor and an aerothermal heating system which comply with the more stringent environmental standards, and a complex ebb/flow irrigation system in order to optimise the use of water as a precious and exhaustible commodity. Lastly, the big news in the area of eco-sustainability and respect for the environment is the new line of completely biodegradable and recyclable packaging. The Bio Kepos 3 line consists of a vegetable fibre pot, a completely industrially biodegradable bag and an information sheet made out of certified food grade paper.