Organic aromatic plants: the salt substitutes that can't be beaten

17 July 2019

Italians consume approximately 10-12 grams of salt a day, approximately twice the daily recommendation for individuals under normal conditions, i.e. 5 grams.
Choose a viable alternative, rediscovering the art of using this is the secret to refining and intensifying the flavour of our dishes.  
are invaluable when it comes to adding flavour to food and making simple, tasty dishes. They are of that aid digestion and contribute to a healthy, balanced diet. They are best consumed fresh, and the Simonato Company offers a wide variety of organic aromatic plants throughout the year. 
Chilli pepper, rosemary, sage, parsley, basil, oregano, thyme and mint are the most famous and well-known aromatic plants: they are used to flavour the majority of dishes, from sauces to soups and from salads to white and red meats and fish. Less well-known are dill, a perfect accompaniment to smoked salmon, and marjoram, which can enhance the flavour of roasts, game and vegetables such as courgette, aubergine and peppers. Lemon balm is delicious with boiled potatoes, and chervil, coriander, cress, chives and lavender are great in salads, sandwiches and soups.
Find all of these aromatic herbs in our , which includes links to interesting information sheets.