Simonato, the organic aromatic garden, begins a collaboration with Cortilia, the large online farmer's market

04 June 2019

In recent weeks, the company began collaborating with Cortilia, a large online market, to supply certified organic aromatic plants that customers can select from the portal and have delivered to their doors in their fresh fruit and vegetable box.

As part of this collaboration, packaging has been developed that meets the needs of consumers who are increasingly aware and inclined towards responsible purchasing.

Simonato has invested significant resources in producing BioKepos environmentally friendly packaging, which was awarded the silver medal at the Macfrut 2019 fair.

For Cortilia customers, a specific solution has been developed to meet their requirements: the plant will be placed in the fully biodegradable plant-based fibre pot and delivered in a traditional paper bag. To guarantee an organic supply chain, the bag is sealed with the ICEA label, which also specifies the name of the plant.

Thanks to an efficient logistics managements system, preparation, packaging and shipping times are very fast. It is, however, recommended that customers open the bag as soon as it arrives and expose the plant to light, watering it sparingly.

Simonato's organic plants capture the excellence of Mediterranean aromatic herbs. Essential in all kitchens, they can be added to dishes or to seasoning mixes and sauces, making food healthier and more flavoursome.