The Renaissance of Aromatic Herbs

15 October 2019

Enthusiasm for Mediterranean cuisine has grown in recent years to the point of now being an integral part of the nutrition of younger generations from Italy to the north of Europe and towards the countries of the East: millions of people appreciate its healthy properties and fresh flavours.

Aromatic plants are essential for creating many Mediterranean dishes, with some of the most popular and well-known being rosemary, basil, oregano, sage, thyme, etc.; others are less well known but equally flavoursome, such as lemon balm, tarragon, chervil and watercress and for this reason they are present in mass retail chains and also in small food stores, as well as being found in bunches at the weekly markets.

The growing demand for aromatic herbs for both culinary and therapeutic use has led many companies to specialise, with many of them now offering hundreds of different types of aromatic plants, including exotic species. Others go even further and not only cultivate plants in pots but dry the seeds to offer products such as flavoured salt, herbal teas or oils and flavoured vinegars.

There are then those who, in respect of nature and according to strict rules of legislation on organic production, cultivate from the seed to the adult plant, out of a duty to contribute to the growth of a clean world. Sensitive and inquisitive consumers can then request further information on how to care for the plants at home or in their gardens, as well as in cooking, and this is why some producers also offer seminars and conferences on the topic.

The Company Simonato has cultivated organic aromatic plants in its greenhouses for almost twenty years, in respect of a strict protocol regulated by European laws. With love and dedication, it tends to the growth of every single plant until, adequately packaged, it is delivered to the distribution channels only then to reach the kitchens of consumers where it is used as an integral element for creating delicious dishes. The use of organic aromatic plants to replace salt or other flavour enhancers is a healthy and conscious choice for correct nutrition.

We are experiencing the true Renaissance of organic Aromatic Plants and Simonato's offer of organic aromatic plants in the pot with soil is the way to recall the true value of nature. Eating healthy and natural food, presented with the roots still in the soil in which it was planted and grown, is very important as we want to leave a sign for our younger generations never to forget that the earth, nature, plants and the environment are essential to our lives.

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