15 November 2020

To continue supporting our customers in these unusual times, we at Azienda Simonato have worked to ensure that our organic aromatic plants can be delivered directly to your door.

We can supply you with a cardboard box containing six aromatic plants of your choice, selected based on your preferences and your needs. Available plants include rosemary, sage, mint, chive, chilli pepper and parsley, all grown in our Due Carrare greenhouses in accordance with strict organic protocols.

Fill out the contact form on our website or call us to receive all the details and, if you like, to order your customised box.
Your chosen plants will be supplied in 10-centimetre plastic pots, and are suitable for cooking or transplanting into a larger pot or out into the garden.

A cardboard insert is placed in each box to ensure that the plants don't move around during transport, so that they can be delivered to the door in perfect condition.

Once your plants arrive, we suggest you take them out of the box, place them in a sunny spot and water them sparingly.
Once they've had time to adapt to their new environment, they will begin to release their wonderful aromas. Their intense flavour will make them the stars of your favourite dishes.
We have been growing our plants with Love for three generations. Purity, spirituality and authenticity are among the qualities our customers seek and find in our aromatic plants. The strict organic methods we have adopted for the last 20 years give us total confidence that the produce we supply our customers is truly wholesome.