FruitLogistica 2018: featuring the Simonato Company

23 February 2018

FruitLogistica took place in Berlin from 7 to 9 February 2018. The number of professionals and experts attending the event confirmed its status as the most significant date in the industry calendar. This huge Berlin show is the largest international trade fair for fresh fruit and vegetable products, offering a full overview of technological innovation in the farming sector, and products and services linked to this important, constantly evolving world. 

A record year, with around 77,000 visitors eager to meet the 3,100 exhibitors (including 512 Italian representatives) from 80 countries. Despite its relatively small surface area in a global sense, Europe is a significant and important producer of fresh fruit and vegetables, producing 12% of the world's total. 

The categories of products presented at FruitLogistica included: 

  • fresh fruit and vegetables

  • dried fruit

  • packing materials

  • logistics and transport systems

  • packaging and storage

  • growing techniques

  • greenhouses and associated technologies

The Simonato Company took part in the event, presenting its business, which has been growing aromatic plants since 1997, and which received organic certification in 2000. The Company has been working passionately for three generations, and over the past twenty years has channelled its dedication and commitment into farming methods that respect natural processes and comply with organic principles.  

Below is a brief interview given by Rosanna Bertoldin, head of sales, to the Myfruit publication, briefly outlining the main characteristics that sets the leading Italian organic aromatic plant producer apart: