DOGK 2018

28 September 2018

The 20th and 21st of September marked the German fruit and vegetable convention in Düsseldorf. It consisted of two very intense days, with many speakers and presentations of companies of the industry as well as a wonderful opportunity for presenting new products.

The convention building nestled on the banks of the river Rhine hosted buyers and producers from all over the world, who came to participate in the convention structured with talks from important personalities in the field of economics and psychology, who took the opportunity to present their analysis of our society, our eating habits and the needs of the current population.

It was a moment of reflection and comparison to analyse how customer needs and eating habits are determined by the now frenetic pace of life for everyone the world over.

Our society is moving at such a rapid pace that it has little time to stop and consider that food is the fundamental component of our life. We believe that our presentation of an organic product in recyclable and biodegradable packaging is the only coherent choice for a healthier future that respects the environment.

Simonato cultivates certified organic aromatic plants in a host of varieties for most of the year and offers its aromatic plants as a valid alternative for the preparation of delicious dishes without the addition of elaborate seasonings or salt.
Our society is becoming more and more demanding. Supermarket chains have a great duty of care for the nutrition of the population and their choice of collaboration with producers who are able to assure a high quality product that respects of the environment is the only viable way. 

In Germany Simonato also had the opportunity to present its BioKepos3 product, consisting of an organic aromatic plant, a biodegradable pot, a compostable bag and a recyclable food-quality sheet of paper: an Italian organic product par excellence.

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