Eating organic means choosing wellbeing, while respecting nature

08 April 2020

Opting for organically farmed produce means choosing to live in harmony with nature and the resources it offers in each period of the year. The main defining feature of organic produce is how it is grown: only natural substances are used, and chemical substances such as pesticides, fertilisers and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are avoided.

Choosing to eat organic is a responsible choice, and the vast range of fruit and vegetable products on offer makes it possible to enjoy a wide variety of food.


Why choose organic produce?

Organic products are 100% natural and richer in nutrients (vitamins, antioxidants and minerals), which, according to certain studies, can boost health and contribute to a stronger immune system. Organic products are more flavoursome, because they are produced according to a natural, not genetically modified production cycle, which doesn't include fertilisers

Eating organic supports biodiversity, and offers a real solution to the serious problem of aquifer pollution, because the produce is grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

Our aromatic plants are grown according to organic methods, and therefore without the use of any synthetic chemical substances or genetically modified organisms. We use organic soil, and our plants are grown directly in their individual pots. Our growing methods are based on the balance found in nature, and the interrelation between potentially harmful organisms and their natural antagonists. As well as meeting traceability requirements, we regularly submit plant samples for independent and certified laboratory analysis. All of these important factors allow us to provide healthy, high quality organic foods. 

Our organic produce is ICEA certified, and our company is GLOBAL G.A.P. and Grasp certified.


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